Mongoose Publishing Releases New Judge Dredd Miniatures

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Nov 5th, 2011

Mongoose Publishing announces new Judge Dredd miniatures:

From their announcement:

The Judge Dredd miniatures range continues to grow and expand. Five new models have just been released to grace your own Mega-City One – the Justice Department receives Judge Dekker as a reinforcement, while fans of Caligula (or anyone just wanting to hire some ready mayhem) will be pleased with the two new Kleggs and Klegghound. Finally, we have also released a rather paternal looking Orangutan Boss for those of you with ape gangs!

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  • lordofexcess

    Pretty mediocre minis … terrible paint jobs (for what one would expect from the company manufacturing them). Nothing against the venerable Judge Dread franchise the comics and even the campy, yet classic, film are great. The mongoose execution on the minis and the game have been lack luster IMO. But that is par for the course from Mongoose. I wish they’d just sell of the license to another company … would be great to see FFG or some small mom and pop shop pick it up and give it the love and attention it deserves. There are many ranges with this more classic 1980s early 90s style of minis that do a far better job, these just look mediocre at best. Too bad 🙁

  • Sikil

    I do like the pictured judge alot, so I must say I disagree with you LordofExcess!

    The ape-boss is rather well-sculpted as well!

    Bugger, now I need to buy some judges!

  • Klaetch

    I couldn’t disagree with you more, lordofexcess!

    Having played literally dozens of games now, my group and I look forward to every rule revision with baited breath, and it just keeps getting better. Whether the fun I’ve had playing influences my love of the miniatures or not, I’m totally digging on what’s being released (would love to see some judges on Lawmasters, though). Perhaps we simply have a different taste in miniatures.

  • Roebeast45

    The new sculpts are getting better with each release. Shane Hoyle is doing great work. I’m hoping that they release more Citi-Def troopers and I’m looking forward to the plastic Manta hovertank kit. It’s a good time for Dredd gaming.

  • Citizen Sade

    The OP’s definition of mediocre, terrible and classic are clearly different to mine.

  • grimbergen

    I have to agree to the Lordofexcess. The paint job — and maybe it’s the poor photography lighting — does not show any of the detail on the miniature, and appears slightly out of focus on the hands due to poor depth of field choices. Not exactly a photo that entices me to buy any products.

    Looking at the range overall, there are some nice figures like the Dredd 1 and Orangutan sniper… plus in general the paint jobs are good, but this quote this from YALLAN’s post regarding Mongoose’s CTA: ST ships also sums up my view here as well: “They’ve gone from being 30 years behind the state of the art to being 15 years behind, which I guess is progress”