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Mongoose Publishing posts Random Events Generator for Judge Dredd Miniatures Game

Mongoose Publishing brings a bit of the unexpected to your games of the Judge Dredd Minis game with their Random Events Generator.


From the post:

Planet Mongoose, as always, has the scoop on the Judge Dredd miniatures game - we have just posted brand new rules introducing random events to your games.

Many forces clash in Mega-City One and beyond, each fighting for their values, Credits, or because they are just plain mean. However, firefights are rarely simple affairs and there always seems to be something making life harder for the people of Mega-City One.

Random events introduce this unpredictability into your games. They are a series of arbitrary events and occurrences that players can take advantage of or try their best to avoid!

Check back on Planet Mongoose regularly, as we will be posting new material every Friday.