Mongoose Publishing Posts A Call To Arms News

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Nov 10th, 2011

Mongoose Publishing Posts A Call To Arms News:

From their announcement:

We have just posted our first preview of the Klingon fleet for A Call to Arms: Star Fleet on Planet Mongoose;

Here, we showcase the two main cruisers of the Klingon fleet, along with their frigate. Recent articles on Planet Mongoose have previewed the Federation fleet, and are still accessible on the front page.

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  • Marauder

    This is the fleet scale game for the star fleet universe that I’ve always wanted!


  • Are these figures pre-painted?

  • No, not prepainted.

    • Really? If so, nice. If prepainted, then less painting I’ll have to do. lol

  • mrbushtroll

    damn the torpedos

    them be nice eye candy…..
    there goes me piggy bank