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Mongoose Publishing holding Judge Dredd Campaign Day - Nov 23rd

Mongoose Publishing will be having their annual Judge Dredd Campaign Day on November 23rd.
Will you be going?


From the announcement:

On November 23rd, Mongoose Publishing is throwing open its doors to hold an official campaign day for the Judge Dredd miniatures game. One Night in Mega-City One is a yearly Judge Dredd event that pits players against one another in a series of games to decide who has the greatest gang or force in Mega-City One. Each player will start off with a basic force and, using the campaign rules in the rulebook, build that force up with new models, equipment and experienced Heroes. There will also no doubt be opportunities to use Mercenaries, Heroes & Villains and Judges of the World in the games, meaning some of the stars of the Judge Dredd comic strip will be making an appearence!

If you use the DREDD coupon code while ordering through our web site, you will not be charged for postage for the ticket or anything else you order at the same time!

Alternatively, you can call us up at 01793 434488 and book over the phone!