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Mongoose Publishing asks, "Are You Ready for Dredd?"

Mongoose Publishing is all about Judge Dredd.

From them to you:

September sees the release of the brand new Judge Dredd 3D film - are you ready to bring Judge Dredd to your tabletop?

The Judge Dredd miniatures game has a full colour rulebook that is completely free to download, and is packed with rules for judges, perps, and Mega-City One craziness! There is a complete introduction to the world of Judge Dredd included, along with full campaign rules that will allow you to bring conflicts from the streets of Mega-City One to the depths of the Cursed Earth alive in your games.

There is also a full range of miniatures already available, including box sets that each contain a complete faction, ready to fight, and specialist mercenaries that can be attached to a force or gang at any time. The list of available factions is forever growing with new models being added all the time, but thus far we have the following box sets available;

The Justice Department
Holocaust Judges
Chief Judge Caligula's Personal Retinue
Sky Surfers
Ape Gang
Street Gang
Cursed Earth Desperadoes
Fattie Stampede
Renegade Robots
The Angel Gang

The mercenaries allow you to further expand your force, with everything from SJS Judges and Cadets to Werewolves and Blitzers.

More new miniatures are being prepped right now for release over the next few months - now is a good time to be a Judge Dredd fan!