Mongoose Publishing Announces News About A Call to Arms: Star Fleet

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Nov 5th, 2011

Mongoose Publishing Announces News About A Call to Arms: Star Fleet:

From their announcement:

Planet Mongoose is currently hosting two comparison articles, reviewing the relative strengths of Federation ships in the forthcoming A Call to Arms: Star Fleet. As well as checking out the differences between the Frigate and Battle Frigate, and the Heavy Cruiser and Battlecruiser, you can also see the very first pictures of the brand new miniatrues range to be used with the Star Fleet Universe.

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet is due for release early December and contains fleet lists for the Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Gorns, Kzintis, Tholiand and Orions, as well as many civilian ships and starbases. The miniatures will be up for pre-order a little later this month.

These products are being done as a joint venture with Amarillo Design Bureau, inc., under the strict terms of their contract with Paramount Pictures Corporation.

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  • youlooklikeanail

    Still not impressed with these models. They’ve gone from being 30 years behind the state of the art to being 15 years behind, which I guess is progress …

  • Monkey

    Still 1000 times better than the ships I have from Amarillo Design Bureau

  • Marauder

    Game play looks awesome and the minis are a big improvement over the last iteration. I’ll be picking up the game for sure as well as some Federation minis. Depending on how that goes I may have to replace my starline 2400 romulans!