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Mongoose preview Vietnam gaming rules

The Planet Mongoose blog has a new post detailing their plans for a Battlefield Evolution Vietnam ruleset and miniature range. From their website:
The big thing, of course, will be the miniatures (28mm), and we have a fine sculptor taking the lead on these. These will be produced throughout 2011, starting off with some basic US and NVA or VC squads, partly to give us a starting point in terms of style and design, but also so we can have some cool minis to push round the table during playtests! The goal here is to a) despite the entire range being planned as metal, make every model in a squad unique and b) allow some customisation - so, you will get the basic weapon and equipment load as standard, but be able to add shotguns and other bits and pieces, according to army list upgrades. The next item on the agenda is the rulebook, and we have something special planned here too. The idea is to treat BF Evo Vietnam not as 'another' historical game, but as a modern miniatures game that is attractive to potentially anyone, not just those 'into' the Vietnam War. We have spoken to our friends at Warlord Games about this approach in the past, and a handful of other manufacturers seem to have 'got' the idea too. In a nutshell, you see glorious production values in fantasy and sci-fi games, but these are often lacking in historical games. Why? There is no good reason for it, especially when you accept that historical gaming can be just as 'cool' as sci-fi - you just have to find the 'cool' elements and push them to the fore.