Mongoose announce new miniature games

Mongoose Publishing have announced two upcoming miniatures games in their latest Planet Mongoose blog post.

From their website:

For my part, I was on something of a high on the Open Day as, at 8pm the day before, I finally closed a deal we have been chasing for the best part of two years. There are a few formalities we have to work out over the next couple of weeks, but the design process started, well, on Saturday.

This is a new licence, and an incredibly hot one at that, coming in three parts, and I thnk there will be some people going absolutely dippy over them given what I have been reading on several forums (lots of people seem to be doing some of their own conversions on these properties already.). The first part is a fantasy miniatures game, appearing in early 2011, though we will likely not formally announce it until we have some pretty painted miniatures to show off. The second is a sci-fi RPG (based on the Traveller system) likely appearing Summer next year, and we may drop a hint or two about this at Gen Con. Finally, a sci-fi miniatures game in late 2011, possibly followed by a related fourth game in early 2012 that will see the return of a much loved set of rules. As I have said, the origins of this deal are a couple of years old but we have finally managed to shepard them along. Watch this space, as this is a good ‘un.