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Mongoose and ADB to releases Star Fleet Battles based game

Mongoose Publishing and Amarillo Design Bureau will be working to create a new A Call to Arms based ruleset set in the Star Fleet Battles universe created by Amarillo Design Bureau. This will not have any impact on the Starmada based series produced in co-operation with MJ12. From their announcement:
Just hours before this issue went to press, we signed a new joint-venture deal with Mongoose, which is one of the largest companies in the Adventure Game industry. They’re famous for numerous product lines, including miniatures and roleplaying games. This deal includes three immediate elements, but the future is as open as space and as exciting as a supernova. Something we have mentioned many times is that retailers only stock the top five or 10 companies (with the proverbial “one shelf” reserved for the other 40 hard-copy publishers, most of which are in less than 10% of stores). Mongoose is in 90% of the retail game stores in the US, Canada, the UK, and many other countries. This contract means that there will now be several first-class products in every retailer with logos on them for the Star Fleet Universe and for ADB, Inc. Each joint venture book will include advertising for all of our Star Fleet Universe products, giving us more exposure to the mass gaming market than we have had since 1982. This is their well-known space combat game, designed for massive battles with dozens of miniature starships. The new joint-venture deal provides for the production of a series of beautiful hardback rulebooks that will bring together the ships of the Star Fleet Universe and the game system of A Call to Arms. This worked very well for the Starmada product line, and should work even better for the much more widely sold A Call to Arms series.