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Monday's Terrain Corner

Man, it seems Monday's really taking no prisoners among my friends today. One's having car trouble. Another is just slammed with things at work. I know I woke up thinking that 5am was feeling a lot earlier than it usually does. I'm hoping that your Monday isn't kicking as hard as it seems to be for other people that I know.
Something that might help out is looking at some cool terrain and possibly adding it to your own collection. So let's do that.

Today's articles include: Warsenal Releases Comanche Forward Operating Base, Pwork Wargames releases RPG Tabletop Battlegrid, and Manorhouse Workshop Update # 4 – Modular Terrain: Skirmish & Wargame.

Warsenal Releases Comanche Forward Operating Base

Forward Operating Base

New in the Warsenal Online Store!

The Comanche Forward Operating Base is a convenient way to start or expand your USAriadna Comanche terrain collection in a one-click bundle. It includes:

Comanche Pillbox (2)
Comanche Pillbox Scout Tower (2)
Comanche Pillbox Bunker
Comanche Pillbox Bunker Scout Platform
Comanche Short Walkway x2
Chemical Tanks (2)
Comanche Tower Lamps (3)

Pwork Wargames releases RPG Tabletop Battlegrid

RPG Battlegrid is a PVC-made rollable game mat, ideal for roleplaying games, in size 30x30'' - 80x80cm, representing a neutral grid divided into 30 squares of 2,5x2,5cm – 1x1'' for each side, suitable to set, sketch and revive on a physical game surface your favourite roleplaying games.

RPG Battlegrid offers you the possibility of setting your adventures in RPGs with precision and attention to details. A dungeon full of rooms, traps and treasures, the halls of a castle, the interior of an inn, a glade in a forest, the dark depths of an abandoned mine: on RPG Battlegrid you can recreate all of that and, once finished to play, delete everything with a sponge, literally!

The high quality PVC surface allows you to sketch everything you want with water-based marking pens, to remove all with a simple cloth soaked with water and to reuse RPG Battlegrid to a new setting.

The strength of the PVC material and thehigh quality of the printed image make RPG Battlgrid a perfect and essential accessory for playing at your favorite roleplaying games.

RPG Battlegrid is the best solution to set on physical surface all those situations happening in a RPG that you have only imagined or sketched hastily on a piece of paper. The effect of the high-quality printing, the high strength of the PVC material and the practicality of the reusable neutral grid will amaze you, as weel as the ease with which you can roll RPG Battlegrid up and store It in the shipping cardboard tube. It's practical, It takes up little space, It's ideal for players who want a game surface where setting a RPG's game, that can be easy to clean, reusable and great-looking.

Check it out at our website!

Manorhouse Workshop Update # 4 – Modular Terrain: Skirmish & Wargame


Hello everyone.
We finish the tutorial by adding the grass at the base.
Update # 3 how to paint the bases: part 1
With glue “Aliphatic for wood” (PVA) we go to cover all the parts where we will place the artificial grass. Now, we spread over the entire base the synthetic grass in abundantly. Let the glue dry well and eliminate the excess of artificial grass. Now we go to dry-brush very, very gently the layer of grass with beige, and golden yellow . We finish everything with a very light dry-brush light gray where we have dirtied of yellow on the stones.

Useful as display for your miniatures in a showcase or as a simple objective on your table top for skirmish or wargame.
All the best.