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Monday Terrain Corner

Back in the office after a busy weekend. Heck, I was just here the other day, helping to pick and pack orders (or "the ol' P' n' P'" as they apparently don't call it, much to my disappointment). But it's back to the regular desk (at least for now), making news posts. That includes letting you know about terrain to make your tables look great.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Happy Seppuku Running MagRelief Kickstarter and Heroic Maps - Christmas Countdown Week 1.

Happy Seppuku Running MagRelief Kickstarter

Happy Seppuku is excited introduce MagRelief a brand new 3D Magnetic Receptive skinning fabric for all your game changing needs.

MagRelief is a great new material Happy Seppuku came up with to help gamers and model builders add modular elements to their projects. MagRelief is a light duty flexible cloth like material that that is MAGNETIC RECEPTIVE, meaning while not a magnet itself you can stick magnets to the surface. We also textured it using patterns from our stamp line to give MagRelief sheets a realistic surface, so even if you do not take advantage of its magnetic qualities you can still use it to quickly surface your terrain pieces.

After you have applied MagRelief your buildings, dungeon walls, or even bases you can add magnets to the backs of your doors, windows, damage markers. No longer do your pieces need to remain static, you can change them around completely from game to game. Secret doors CAN ACTUALLY BE SECRET since you can just pop the door anywhere along the wall there is no hint to your players that they should keep searching the room for a door.

In order to get as many textures out there quickly we have launched a Kickstarter to get people going.

Heroic Maps - Christmas Countdown Week 1

We're starting it off with a pair of Modular Kits - Winter Pine Forest Paths & Glades.

Also, members of our Map of the Month Club on Patreon also receive an exclusive BONUS glade tile