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Monday Terrain Corner

So, I'm back in the office after one of the greatest Thanksgiving breaks I've ever had. Thursday I was at my friend's place. We gamed. We had turkey. We watched football. It was amazing. Friday, I had friends over at my place for Thanksgiving 2: Thank Harder. We games more. We had more turkey. We... didn't watch football, but we did play Mario Kart... which is nothing like football, but still... And then Saturday I went to a game shop in Alabama to play Guild Ball and put together a Gundam model, then went out for authentic German food. Sunday I rested (I really needed it by then).
It. Was. Amazing.

And today, I'm back in the office, playing hella-catch-up because I basically didn't touch anything work-related for around 96 hours. :P

Anyway, lets get your gaming tables looking as good as our dinner tables from a couple days ago.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: DungeonWorks 3D Printed Terrain Up On Kickstarter and New 15mm Scale Meadow Battlefield From Deep-Cut Studio.

DungeonWorks 3D Printed Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Game Decor has partnered with a very talented 3D artist under the banner of “DungeonWorks” and is launching this Kickstarter for a new line of high resolution 3D printer files for modular dungeons and accessories.

There are currently 3 lines of models with a total of 11 sets in 8 uniquely themed dungeons containing over 500 models in all, planned for release. Several more themes and expansions for each line are planned to be released afterwards.

New 15mm Scale Meadow Battlefield From Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! Latest Meadow design is an update and improvement to our 15 mm scale range. Neutral grassy background will fit any setting in any era and will please the eye with natural looking details. Premium mousepad material, optional grids and hexes and just the right timing for Black Friday await you