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Monday Terrain Corner

It's Monday. That means it's back to the office after the weekend. I... feel like I could use another. *yawns*
Saturday was baking cookies and then hanging out with friends. Sunday was busy doing stuff around the apartment. I think this upcoming weekend I'm going to be as chill as possible. But they, polar bears and chill go together. In the meantime, let's make your gaming tables look good. Quick Terrain Corner today, but still worth checking out.

Brigade Models - Latest Releases Available

It's time for a catch-up with recent releases, which for one reason or another (holidays mainly) we haven't had time to publicise properly.

Going back several weeks, we released a 15mm version of our Neo-Soviet BMP-BM infantry carrier. This is a 3-piece resin model with metal fittings, featuring a twin tri-barrel gatling cannon and a large opening access hatch at the front of the vehicle.

Our French Aeronef fleet received a massive boost with the release of the redesigned Les Arc fighter carrier. This has a dirigible (eg airship) hull with a forward flight deck. This version of the model is a lot larger than the one it replaces, with a resin hull and a multitude of metal fittings such as turrets, masts, funnels and cranes. We've also updated the French carrier fleet pack to include the new model.

In our Small Scale Scenery range, we've updated and re-released our sound mirror models, replacing the old ones with slightly tweaked new versions and adding two new types of smaller acoustic mirror. These now come six to a pack, two each of three designs.

And in our City Blocks series, we've added two new designs. The first is a set of four inner curves that can replace the existing corner pieces, or when used together will make up a circular plaza. And finally for this marathon update, we have two end terrace blocks which can be used to terminate a row of city blocks.

SSS-8001 – Acoustic Mirror – £1.50
SSS-8002 – Listening Ears (pack of 6) – £3.00
SSS-8098 – City Block Inner Curves (pack of 4) – £7.50
SSS-8099 – City Block End Terraces (pack of 2) – £2.50
VAN-402 – Les Arc Class Dig Fighter Carrier – £9.00
VANFP-402 – French Carrier Pack – £22.00
SF15-1214 – BMP-BM – £8.50

And one last reminder - we will be at SELWG in Crystal palace next Sunday (22nd). As always we're happy to take orders for the show, but they need to be with us by the end of Tuesday 17th to give us a chance of getting them ready in time.