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Monday Terrain Corner

And here we are, back at Monday. Thinking back, this is the first Monday in the last 3 that I've been at the office. Last week was the storm, and the week before was Labor Day. My Monday shirts got a bit of a vacation, I suppose. But they're back it today, and that means getting your gaming tables looking good.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Final Days for ESLO Terrain Printable Ships Kickstarter, New Mousepad Material Mats Available From Pwork Wargame, DRAGONLOCK™ 3 Kickstarter launches September 19th, Dungeon Box RPG Scenery by Custom Terrain Up On Kickstarter, Normandy Church Terrain Available From Tabletop-Art, Forge Prints Running Adventurescapes Kickstarter, and Heroic Maps - Storeys: Pyramid of the Sun Priests Now Available.

Final Days for ESLO Terrain Printable Ships Kickstarter

Many Stretch-Goals Are Unlocked!
Pictures of painted ships added…
Many more details added and video…
Starter Set With Printer & Files Added for Newcomer – the "Desktop" 3D Printer

New Mousepad Material Mats Available From Pwork Wargame

And here they come! New Mousepad Mats designs from Pwork Wargames!

16 designs are available in Mousepad material in different sizes!
The perfect choice for a premium gaming table!
Now available in 4x6', 4x4' and 3x3' size!
Never stop playing!

DRAGONLOCK™ 3 Kickstarter launches September 19th

Fat Dragon Games will be launching their DRAGONLOCK™ 3 Kickstarter on Tuesday, September 19th. This new 3D printer terrain campaign will feature outdoor terrain like cliffs, trees, rivers, dungeons, sci-fi, and much more (maybe even something to go storm!)

Dungeon Box RPG Scenery by Custom Terrain Up On Kickstarter

Custom Terrain is currently running a Kickstarter for dungeon terrain box sets, designed for roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder.

Each box contains a complete set of themed dungeon scenery, so you can create an intricate scene to immerse players in the game.

Designed for 28mm scale games. Pieces are cast in polyurethane resin, and can be easily painted using model paints designed for miniatures.

Normandy Church Terrain Available From Tabletop-Art

The Normandy Church and the Destroyed Normandy Church are available again. Both sets are a multi-part resin kit in the scale 15mm.

Forge Prints Running Adventurescapes Kickstarter

Forge Prints is at it again! The Rhode Island-based model miniature company is celebrating the launch of their 6th Kickstarter, Adventurescapes, on September 6th 2017. With Adventurescapes, Forge Prints brings us for the first time into the realm of Kelvaria, showcasing three unique encounters and all the tiles and accessories required to bring these scenes to life. In the first three Forge Prints Adventurescapes, we find the Crown n' Laurel Tavern, which has a mimic infestation; the Ghrys boatdocks, home of smugglers and merchants alike; and an Alchemy Chamber seated in a necromancer's tower deep in the forest.

This is the largest and most ambitious offering to date for Forge Prints. Following the success of their last campaign "Foundations 4: Rise of the Mimics", Forge Prints will be continuing their partnership with Old Rogue Studios, thereby giving backers a choice between unpainted resin or a fully hand-painted version of their order.

Heroic Maps - Storeys: Pyramid of the Sun Priests Now Available

Deep within the rainforest and jungle of the Ixtlu Peninsula, the Sun Priests still perform their bloody rituals, despite the Empire they served having collapsed millenia before. The pyramid rises from the forest canopy, and is crested by a blood-stained altar. Within the pyramid are two temple chambers, one of which includes a sacrificial pit. Victims are shoved into the pit, alive or dead, as an offering to the Sun. If they survive the fall, they don't survive the perils that lurk below.

Contents: A set of two 30 x 30 maps depicting stepped pyramid in a jungle. Three sets of steps climb the sides of the pyramid, two of which reach the peak where there is a sacrificial altar. The third set lead to a doorway into a temple chamber within the pyramid. Internal stairs lead to another chamber with a pit. Below the pit is a full cavern complex, with pools of water, jungle plants where the surface has collapsed to allow light in, and piles of victim's bodies. Perfect for jungle adventures in Aztec / Mayan / Incan inspired settings.