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Monday Terrain Corner

And we're back once more in the office. The start of the work week is upon us. It feels like it'll be an eternity until next weekend, but we'll make it there. I hope your weekend was good. I spent all day Saturday playing games with my friend, as I mentioned. There was Ascension, Munchkin, Set, and Settlers of Catan. Sunday was spent playing Final Fantasy XII. No, not the remastered version that just came out for PS4, but my copy for my PS2. I don't have a PS4. :P
Anyway, it's time once again to make your gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Pickett-Hamilton Disappearing Pillbox, New Crystalline Outcrops, New Ghar Terrain From Warlord Games, TerraScapes: Caves & Grottos Up On Kickstarter, New 6mm Buildings Available From Brigade Models, and Frosty Plain Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame.

New Pickett-Hamilton Disappearing Pillbox

A concrete tube sunk into a pit in the middle of an airfield, the disappearing pillbox earned its name by being flush with the ground when lowered. However, should German gliders or transport planes attempt to land the pillbox would shoot up 2’ 6”. This was achieved by the crew cranking open compressed air bottles.

The two man Bren Gun crew would then engage intruders through one of three loopholes positioned to give an all-round field of fire. Presumably, if a landing German aircraft failed to see the pillbox, as seems likely, it would mount a last-ditch defence as a landing obstacle, immolating the Luftwaffe in a glorious blazing inferno. No doubt the unfortunate pillbox crew would be mentioned in dispatches.

New Crystalline Outcrops

Put some bling onto your battlefields with the new Crystalline Outcrops. NFX studio has developed a fantastic glitter effect in a variety of startling resin colours that’d fit with many a game system – which planets will you explore…

New Ghar Terrain From Warlord Games

The Ghar are colonising planets and bring with them some of their Brutalist looking habitation in the form of the new Ghar Stench Vent, Ghar Block House, and Ghar Entrance.

TerraScapes: Caves & Grottos Up On Kickstarter

In what we hope is our first set of TerraScapes, we present to you a natural Caves & Grottos core set. With the full range of 10 nonlinear modular tiles, you can quickly create ultra-realistic cavern scenarios for any of your spelunking endeavors! If you've ever found yourself in a cave, you know how under represented they are in the games that we love to play. There is nothing linear about spelunking and caverns aren't flat! Caves are twisted sections of open air encased by cool moist rocky walls.

New 6mm Buildings Available From Brigade Models

As we prepare for The Joy of Six on Sunday, today sees the last of our month-long series of new 6mm releases. Our selection of 6mm scale SF buildings is ever-growing, and we’re adding five more new items to the Desert Buildings and Desert Domes ranges.

There are two new large town buildings, the Guildhall and the Customs House, in a similar style to our existing buildings.

Something new are two walled compounds, which can either be used in a town or smaller settlement, or make ideal stand-alone farmsteads. They’re cast on integral bases, which are as thin as we can possibly make them.

The final building is in the Desert Domes range (although the Desert Buildings and Desert Domes set are really interchangeable) – a small circular dwelling set on a platform reached by steps.

We’ll have stock of these on Sunday (although not a huge number – best get to me early if you want to make sure of getting some) along with all of our new vehicles and figures, along with a huge selection of existing models.

B300-139 – Guildhall – £4.00
B300-140 – Customs House – £4.00
B300-142 – Walled Compound #2 – £2.25
B300-143 – Walled Compound #3 – £2.00
B300-412 – Circular Dwelling on Platform – £2.00

Frosty Plain Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame

Frosty Plain! Fantasy Gaming Mat from Pwork Wargames!

Play on an icy plain, whose snow-covered ground with sharp-edged rocks is inhospitable to anyone who wants to cross It, on a bare and impervious landscape, where the environmental conditions of iciness can be more dangerous than any enemy!

Materials: PVC / Syntethic Cloth
Available size: 4x6' / 4x4' / 3x3' / 3x6