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Monday Terrain Corner

My super-busy weekend making almost a dozen different baked goods has turned into a Monday of sharing all of that with my coworkers here in the office. Hey, it's getting cold outside. A little natural insulation for the coming winter will be much appreciated when it gets into January.
And it keeps me from eating all of this stuff, myself. :P

Anyway, that's as may be, let's get to making your gaming tables look as awesome as possible so you're not using tupperware full of cookies as your buildings and whatnot.

Today's stories include: Final Hours for Normandy Terrain On Kickstarter, Heroic Maps Releases Ysenthorp Map, and Deep-Cut Studio releases new Wooden Floor gaming mat for interior battles.

Final Hours for Normandy Terrain On Kickstarter

As part of our 28mm Photo-realistic Normandy Terrain project we are giving away a free furniture pack to all backers who have pledged for one or more buildings. The furniture pack contains a table and four chairs and a piano. We have choosen to include a piano as I have a memory of a scene from a world war two film with a piano in the middle of the street surrounded by rubble. The furniture set is exclusive to kickstarter, it will not be available once the project has completed, although backers will be able to buy extra sets if they want to.

The kickstarter completes on Tuesday 22nd December at 0645 GMT.

Heroic Maps Releases Ysenthorp Map


The frozen lands north of the Wrackleaf Hills are a harsh place to call home. Snow storms, freezing cold and icy winds produce a difficult environment - but also hardy and resourceful people. Snorri Silverspine, an adventurer keen to retire, happened to make camp in the ruins of an old fort. Making a fire in the lee of a crumbling wall, he wished there was a tavern he could sit and warm up in. And then he decided - he'd come back and build a tavern. A few years later, and travellers in the bleak wilderness were grateful to come across a tavern and a warm welcome, with Snorri at the helm. Time passed, and a few more houses appeared beside the tavern and the road, and visitors started calling the settlement 'Ysenthorp'. As for Snorri, he was happy to call himself a tavernkeep - he'll be happy to call himself 'Mayor of Ysenthorp' soon too..

Deep-Cut Studio releases new Wooden Floor gaming mat for interior battles

Wooden Floor Map

New gaming mat release! A Wooden Floor design is a dedication to all the miniature game battles fought indoors. It is a great background for tavern brawls, castle fights or any RPG action that takes place inside of buildings. Especially when this mat can be manufactured with any grid or hex layout. Check out your options on our website!