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Monday Terrain Corner

It's Monday and we're back in the office. ... I'm sleepy. I could've used more sleep over the weekend. But waddyagonnado? You're gonna do what you gotta do and get your work done, of course! And, for me, that means letting you know about terrain.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Board Matz 8th Ed. Warhammer 40K Mats On Kickstarter and Volkano Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame.

Board Matz 8th Ed. Warhammer 40K Mats On Kickstarter

Designed by Wargamers for Wargamers.

Here at Leodis Games we love games. We love playing them, we love talking about them, we love painting the models for them and we love coming up with mat designs that enhance your games.

And we love the look of 8th edition 40K. We're showing our age now but we remember Rogue Trader and 2nd edition and we haven't been as excited about an edition of 40k since then!

One of the only issues we've noticed about 8th ed is deployment. Now don't get us wrong the new Deployment Maps look ace (have you seen the Easter Egg GW left in them yet?) but they're going to slow down deployment. The three new Maps in paticular are going to take you ages to deploy in.

Volkano Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame

Volkano! Fantasy Gaming Mat from Pwork Wargames!

Play in a volcanic landscape, where cracks in the ground allow the lava to escape from the subsoil, on an inhospitable land, where sharp rocks, sulphurous vapors and incandescent magma represent a greater danger to the enemy itself!

Materials: PVC / Syntethic Cloth
Available size: 4x6' / 4x4' / 3x3' / 3x6