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Monday Terrain Corner

And we're back in the office. Wee!
Ok, so I'm actually exceedingly tired because I got very little sleep last night. So, if you want, you could play "Find the Typos!" here today. There might be more than usual. :P
But what is just as usual is making sure your gaming tables look as good as possible. For that, we've got our Terrain Corner.

In it, today, we haev (is that one on purpose? You may never know) : Deep-Cut Studio releases Gotham game mat, The 'Roc' Dropship Up On Kickstarter, The Bumblebee Air Transport Available From Burn In Designs, and Lands of Mars Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame.

Deep-Cut Studio releases Gotham game mat

New game mat release! This nocturnal beauty is called Gotham for a reason. Countless hours spent with Batman comics, games and movies resulted in ultimate battlefield for the villains and heroes of DC universe. Unique techniques were used to draw this game mat - the moonlight reflections and fog effects are just a few details that make this mat stand out from the crowd. But one might find the urbanistic approach suitable for numerous modern day or pulp settings as well. Check it out before the dawn breaks at !

The 'Roc' Dropship Up On Kickstarter

The first thing we wanted to do was make this a vehicle that clearly showed that it was capable of higher than Karman line flight... but at the same time, we wanted to de-clutter the under-wing areas...meaning we were removing some of the "engines".

So, we had to find a mounting area that did not interfere with the cargo area, or use any other wing-space up, that led us to split the tail and inserting a central rocket engine:

The Bumblebee Air Transport Available From Burn In Designs

Bumblebees are the real workhorse of the air in the animal kingdom. Able to cover great distances, carrying heavy loads of pollen while still being able to land on the most delicate flowers. Now you can have that same versatility in an air transport. Please welcome the new Bumblebee Air Transport. Based off the same lifting body used in the Firefly light commuter, the Bumblebee expands with greater range from its quieter engines. At the same time those quieter engines give the air-frame 5 times the lifting capacity without any loss in maneuverability. The larger central cargo area has dual side doors with a pass-though design perfect for quick loading and unloading. It even includes extended platforms to allow the mounting of external storage pods or equipment. Get your piece of the future today. The Bumblebee Air Transport.

The Bumblebee Airship is a new steampunk/anime inspired design. As a tall airship it has a great feel on the table and offers an interesting take on alternate history flight. The kit uses a wooden frame for rigidity and durability and is skinned in 1.5mm thick cardstock to allow for the rounded shape, The top canopy is removable for easier placement of figures and supports up to a 40mm base. The internal cabin and door platforms support multiple 40mm based figures.

Lands of Mars Gaming Mat Available From Pwork Wargame

Play on the landscape of the Red Planet, characterized by sand, craters and canyons, among plains of reddish sand and long canyons carved thousands of years ago by rivers of water now dry!

Materials: PVC / Syntethic Cloth
Available size: 4x6' / 4x4' / 3x3' / 3x6