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Monday Terrain Corner

Hey everyone. I hope you're enjoying your Monday. For those of you with the day off, I hope you're having a great time. I'm still posting, obviously, though from home. That's after yesterday spending most of it playing games and eating some great food with friends. We got in some Lanterns, some Addictive Alchemy, some Raise Your Goblets, and some Ethnos. There were also burgers, Swedish meatballs, pie, and orange curd. But what we've got today is terrain.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Brigade Models - Final Salute Releases On Website, New Dark Age releases from Warsenal, Ramshackle New Shop with New Products Up and Running, and Oldhammer Resin scenery by Apocalypse Miniatures Coming to Kickstarter.

Brigade Models - Final Salute Releases On Website

This week we've added the last of our Salute 2017 show releases to the website - whoch means that next week we're going to have to find something new...

We have some new buildings in both 10mm and 15mm scales. The smaller ones are two cylindrical towers which fit nicely with the rest of the 10mm buildings, both scaled up from our 6mm range.

At the larger scale we have a new 15mm Large Garage Block for our research base set - this is big enough for a decent sized snowmobile or ATV and has a small office/storage building attached to one side.

We've also recently taken delivery of some new rulebooks - we now stock the new edition of Majestic 12 Games' Starmada rules, the Unity edition. As well as that we've restocked our supplies of Task Force Zeta and Strike Legion:Platoon Leader, both from Legionnaire Games.

B15-506 - Large Garage Block - £7.00
B10-403 – Small Cylindrical Tower #1 – £3.50
B10-408 – Small Cylindrical Tower #2 – £3.50
STAR-005 - Starmada Unity - £22.00

New Dark Age releases from Warsenal

First seen at the CMON Expo, Warsenal is proud to announce the release of several new products for use with Dark Age.

The Dark Age Caravan Wagon not only is a great terrain piece to add flavor to your Samaria table, it is the perfect size for the Caravan Control Scenario.

Whatever your faction, you can represent it with pride with Warsenal's beautiful full-color Faction-specific Objective Markers. You get 3x 50mm Objectives in a pack, rendered in full-color on clear acrylic.

Dark Age Slave Cages are perfectly thematic pieces of terrain - or, mounted on 50mm bases, make excellent objectives.

Dark Age Caravan Crates and Scavenged Tires make excellent scatter terrain or add extra detail to your Dark Age scenery.

Warsenal makes basing easy with our Scrounger base inserts for all your Dark Age basing needs.
Make sure to check out the entire Warsenal range of accessories to enhance your games of Dark Age!

Ramshackle New Shop with New Products Up and Running

At Ramshackle Games we have just installed a new shop. The old one did well for 11 years, so a big thanks to all our customers over that time.

The new shop is better and easier to use so please come and have a look.

Some new scenery items have been added. These are metal crates, beer barrels, ore hoppers and space spice.

Oldhammer Resin scenery by Apocalypse Miniatures Coming to Kickstarter

We (Apocalypse miniatures) have been working on an Oldhammer inspired set of 28mm scenery based around the blood bath at orcs drift scenario. With top model maker Tony Harwood and the folks at Hysterical games we will be hopefully releasing a range of scenery pieces for your tabletop battles and skirmish games.

We are now 3 weeks away from kickstarting this project and looking to not only produce pieces to compliment this scenario but characterful sets and individual buildings and structures that would fit the Oldhammer world. please feel free to message up for further info and check out our webpage and facebook page for updates.