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Monday Terrain Corner

Trying to get back into the regular schedule of things here after the CMON Expo. It was a great show, as usual. Still rather tired, but that's what happens. We've technically got the day off, but that doesn't mean I can just not give you the news. So I'm still here, anyway. So, there were some great tables at the show, and you can get your tables looking just as good. Let's help with that.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New African Airport Building in 28mm from Sally 4th, New Rubber Battlefield Mat From BattleMats, and Illwinter's Floorplan Generator On Steam.

New African Airport Building in 28mm from Sally 4th

Kit to build 28mm scale (1/56) Airport building

Kit contains 2mm & 3mm MDF components together with Perspex glazing.

4 removable roof sections allow access to interior.

Photographs show model airport building with optional tiling strips and also with wet and dry paper. It has been textured with fine sand before painting with Sandtex Masonry paint.

Although inspired by scenes in 'Wild Geese', this airport building could also be used on a WW2 Airfield for Operation Sea Lion or on an airfield in any corner of the globe from WW2 to the present day.

This building is a companion to our recently released Airfield Control Tower.
These buildings will be followed shortly by an African Barrack / Prison complex consisting of eight different buildings, watch towers and perimeter chain link fence. Miniatures shown in photographs are from Mike Bravo 'Wild Geese' range, available from Sally 4th and Mike Bravo when released.

New Rubber Battlefield Mat From BattleMats

BattleField rubber mousemat by Battlemats is a new design in our range of top end rubberised mats.
The scene is set, a bleak field ahead, enemy in sight……The game is on.
The realistic terrain in presented on a rubber mousemat material. This 2mm material is durable and heavyweight, the combination of a textured rubberised backing with a cloth upper, bound with a stitched edge is visually stunning and will deaden your dice roll.
The mats are completely non slip and lie beautifully flat – no curling edges – thanks to the calibre of the material, the addition of the bound edge also ensures durability.
So an enhanced battle every time!

Illwinter's Floorplan Generator On Steam

Illwinter's Floorplan Generator is a grid based dungeon and wilderness floorplan creator. The floorplan generator can be used to quickly draw and print an encounter floorplan for your favorite pen and paper roleplaying game.

It will be available on steam in just a few days.