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Monday Terrain Corner

We're once again at the beginning of the week. It's ok, though, at least for me, because I have cheesecake with raspberry-lime sauce (I did say I was going to make some over the weekend). That should help tide us over to next weekend, where gaming will be had (hopefully). And if there's going to be gaming, there should be good-looking gaming tables. So let's help with that.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: New Algoryn Orbital Transmat from Sarissa precision, New wave of 15mm terrains from Terrains4Games, Brigade Models Release 2mm Roman Fort, and Walking Dead miniature game mat release from Deep-Cut Studio.

New Algoryn Orbital Transmat from Sarissa precision

In our games of Antares we’ve been using the Orbital Transmat stations to bring on units using the Deployment Rules (page 140 Beyond the Gates of Antares) or as an objective to hold and then use to escape a planet to our orbiting ships in a narrative campaign – try it for yourself by using the Bridgehead scenario found on page 154 of the main rules.

New wave of 15mm terrains from Terrains4Games

We Are Pleased to Introduce our new wave of 15mm terrains, it’s over twenty new items in our shop! All designed to pleased 15mms wargamers.

Fist: City set II, including eleven buildings including school, residential and administrative buildings.

Going further, three different schools, more residential buildings and many new ruins and burned houses. Four new cottage corner houses.
We have new buildings in our bestselling “Prussian” series too.

Brigade Models Release 2mm Roman Fort

As a follow on to our recently released Hadrian’s Wall set, this week we’re adding a Roman Wall Fort to the range. This metal 20-piece set has four gates, eight wall pieces and four corners with turrets plus extra plain wall sections including two T-pieces that connect with our Hadrian’s Wall sections. Each piece is 40mm long (the corners are 20x20mm) so the whole fort can be up to 200mm square. It can also be used as a standalone fort anywhere from 80mmx80mm upwards. It's a very flexible set - the walls match the Hadrian’s Wall sections so these can be used to extend the area of the fort, extending it to be as large as a walled town if desired.

Walking Dead miniature game mat release from Deep-Cut Studio

New game mat release! Walking Dead miniature game just got better with the fresh release of a new game mat for it. It is 360 degree compatible with the setting – the scale, the mood, the usability. With just a few slices of the hobby knife you can turn this mat into 6 independent 2x2 size mats. Further on, each can be used together to create various 2x4 size boards for larger games. Sounds great?