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Monday Terrain Corner

And we've circled back to Monday. I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine... didn't quite go as planned. But sometimes that just happens on weekend, right? Ah well, there's always next weekend to hopefully make up for it.

In the meantime, let's try and make sure your gaming tables look as good as possible.

Today in our Corner we have: Tabletop-Art Previews Coffins Set, Maki Games - Modular Underground Project funded in less than 12hrs and growing, and War Sands: Pwork Wargames fantasy gaming mat.

Tabletop-Art Previews Coffins Set

The set includes 4x different coffins with lid. Scale: 28-30mm.

Maki Games - Modular Underground Project funded in less than 12hrs and growing

It's true, funded in less than 12hrs we are very close to unlock the third freebie.
The wooden accessory set is getting closer and soon it will be unlocked. Among all of the accessories stairs are took all the attention so far. Let's have a closer look at them. This product is based on the original sculpts and design of Manorhouse Workshop.

War Sands: Pwork Wargames fantasy gaming mat now available


The Game Mat War Sands is a PVC or CLOTH made rollable terrain mat, ideal for wargames, in size 4x6’ (122x183cm), 4x4’ (122x122cm), 3x3’ (92x92cm), 3x6' (92x183cm), representing the scenery of a land of sand and crumbled rocks, a desert strongly heated by the relentless rays of the sun.
The Wargame Mat War Sands offers the possibility of setting battles between armies of miniatures on a desert with no shade or shelter, where the air itself burns the lungs and scald the skin. The mat is a perfect fantasy setting for deploying vast armies, and also ideal for historical game settings or science-fiction fights! Are you ready to battle?
You can choose War Sands printed on high quality PVC or on synthetic Cloth, its awesome graphic grants a wonderful and great-looking setting for your favourite wargames.