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Monday Terrain Corner

Back in the office and talking to everyone about what they did over the weekend. One did a bit of moving into a new place. Another went to a wrestling event several hours away. I made white chocolate and raspberry sauces as a test for an upcoming friend's birthday party. Hey, we all have our hobbies.

As for hobbies, most of us here enjoy hobby gaming, and for that, you're gonna want a good-looking table. Let's see what's in store for this week's terrain corner.

Today's stories include: Brigade Models Release New 10mm SF Buildings, Heroic Maps Releases New The Lost Halls of Hightamrish Map, and Pwork Wargames releases 3 new gaming mats for futuristic battles.

Brigade Models Release New 10mm SF Buildings


Today we’re releasing three new items in our 10mm SF Buildings range. In this release we have two towers of different designs and a building with twin roof domes. All are single piece resin castings and are available now from the website.

B10-104 – Small Tower #1 – £3.50
B10-122 – Small Tower #2 – £4.00
B10-123 – Twin Dome Building – £3.50

We'd also like to remind everyone about the next show we're attending, Blast-tastic! in Bristol next Saturday. Since this is an SF-themed show, we will not be carrying either the Celtos or Magpie fantasy ranges or the 28mm Great War Belgians. If you’d like anything from these ranges you’ll have to order in advance (either e-mail us or order from the website using the ‘Collect in person’ shipping option). And of course we’re happy to take advance orders for any other ranges as well.

Heroic Maps Releases New The Lost Halls of Hightamrish Map

The Lost Halls

The Halls of Hightamrish once echoed with laughter and conversation. Deep in the strong walls, the inhabitants were wealthy, powerful and safe. Or so they thought. It began when a guard developed a fever, and, despite the best efforts of the healers, passed away. But before he could be buried he returned to life, and attacked others in the stronghold. Panic set in, and people flocked away, taking anything of value, even though the undead had been destroyed. The Halls were never used again, and over time fell from memory. Some say the halls and corridors still echo with laughter - or shriek with the cries of the restless dead...

Pwork Wargames releases 3 new gaming mats for futuristic battles

New gaming mats released! We present three new Infinity theme gaming mat: Combat Plaza, Operation Alpha, and Operation Delta.

The Wargame Mat Combat Plaza is a PVC-made rollable terrain mat, or printed on syntethic cloth, ideal for wargame, insize 120x120cm/90x90cm or full 4x4'/full 3x3', representing the scenery of a large square of a futuristic megalopolis.
This Wargame Mat offers the possibility of setting even better your sci-fi battles, allowing you to exalt your sceneries and your miniatures in an urban firefight never seen before.

The strength of the PVC material and the high quality of the printed image make gaming mat a perfect and essential accessory for playing at your favorite wargame.
A Pwork Wargame Mat is the best solution to play no more on on a tablecloth, on a wooden board, on the home floor or on an unpainted game surface. The effect of the high-quality printing, the hig strength of the PVC material and the wonderful graphics will amaze you, as weel as the ease with which you can roll the Wargame Mat up and store It in the shipping cardboard tube. It's practical, It takes up little space, It's ideal for players who want a wonderful and great-looking setting where play their favourite wargames.