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Monday Terrain Corner

Welcome again to Monday. I hope you had a good weekend full of gaming. I didn't get in any games of Guild Ball. :(
But I did play Guilds of Cadwallon, Mystic Vale, and... something else... I forget what...
So there was still gaming to be had. It'll be alright, as there's always next weekend.

But before we get there, we need to make sure your gaming tables are as good-looking as possible.

Today we have: New European Houses Available From Escenografia Epsilon, Brigade Models Release 6mm Colony Bases, and Manorhouse Workshop Posts Kickstarter Stretch Goal Update.

New European Houses Available From Escenografia Epsilon

Is available in the epsilon web two new references.
These references are the first that we sold in 15 mm a lot years ago and now we re-launch again because a lot of people ask about them. These buildings are perfect for iiww and Napoleonic battles in 15mm. The prize is only €15 for each one and we send the houses painted and ready2play.

Brigade Models Release 6mm Colony Bases

Continuing our theme of scaling items in our 15mm range down to 6mm (and vice-versa), today we’re releasing two new 6mm buildings based on our 15mm Colony Base set. The first of these is Sigma Base, a moderately large octagonal layout consisting of six modules designed as a research station or living accommodation for a larger colony.

The other building in this release is the Small Outpost, which is a remote colony unit for 2-3 scientists. It consists of an accommodation module with airlock plus a vehicle garage. It’s designed as a remote monitoring station or maybe living quarters for a maintenance team in some isolated spot.

B300-300 – Sigma Base – £4.50
B300-303 – Small Outpost – £1.75

Manorhouse Workshop Posts Kickstarter Stretch Goal Update

Stretch Goals

Today we are launching our beautiful and funny Facebook campaign “I love 3D Bases <3”!
If we reach 300 Likes on our 3D Bases Modular Terrain Facebook page
this Stretch Goal will be unlocked:

Those pieces are cast in resin (like all our Stretch Goals). They will be able to be collected and bought each at the following prices,

Column, bottom 1 piece: 2,50€
Column, top (composed from 2 piece): 4€
Stairs, ruined 1 piece: 3,5€

Our SG package gives you a 20% discount on the whole. composed from 4 piece.

Ended Kickstarter, the retail price of this add-on package will be: 11.50€.