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Monday Terrain Corner

Ugh... Yesterday I woke up with a slightly scratch throat. Unfortunately, as the day wore on, it got worse and worse. As such, I'm typing this from home, as opposed to the office. That way, I'm not "Patient 0" in an office-wide epidemic.

But that doesn't mean I can't bring you some stories to help make your gaming table look as good as possible.

So in today's Terrain Corner we have: Manorhouse Workshop Update #28 – 3 new 3D Bases, Frontline Games Releases Stones Master Builder Set Dungeon Tiles, Brigade Models Release New 15mm Research Base Unit, and Mats by Mars: Mechanica Tabletop Wargaming Play Mat Now Available.

Manorhouse Workshop Update #28 – 3 new 3D Bases

Hi everyone!
Today we are unveiling 3 new “3D Bases”!
We’re positive you’ll find them very useful for creating various battlegrounds.
First of all, the 2 Bases related to Roads. We wanted them to be useful in multiple historical settings so the roads are made of stone. You’ll see 2 bases, one representing a straight road, and another a curving road.
The third base we are unveiling is a transition base, to be used to connect smoothly the Cobblestone base to the Rough Terrain base. It’s also perfect to represent the boundaries of a village or a city.

Frontline Games Releases Stones Master Builder Set Dungeon Tiles

We are proud to announce the retail launch of our successful Kickstarter product, Stones Dungeon Tiles MASTER BUILDER SET! Create modular 3D dungeons and construct anything from sewer labyrinths beneath the city or the palace banquet hall with the use of our new double-sided modular DUNGEON TILES.


• 60 Double-sided modular Stones 2" x 2" Dungeon Tiles, over 1/4" thick.
• 10 "Wooden" magnetic doors with door frames

Made of the new gray-black highly-durable, almost indestructible polymer-plastic "STONES" material with built in primer. Easy to paint and customize, just wash and dry brush!

FREE SHIPPING on orders of $150 or more

Brigade Models Release New 15mm Research Base Unit

Cell Block H

One of the most popular 15mm building sets we’ve come out with has been the Research Base. Possibly because it’s a very versatile design that will stand in as a military barracks, PoW or prison camp or general purpose civilian huts. Today we have a new addition to the base, a double hut connected by a central corridor – in other words, an H-Block. In its original guise as a cold weather research base it means that the occupants can move from hut to hut without stepping outside in the cold, which has to be a good thing !

B15-505 - Research Base H-Block - £10.00

Mats by Mars: Mechanica Tabletop Wargaming Play Mat Now Available

The taste of metal, the smell of burnt fuel, and the hot wind of industry are pervasive in this place. Whether the machines grind on in the name of war, progress, or both, all lies in the mind of the beholder. Put the power of Mechanica to work for your favorite game!

Mat Options:
Available Sizes*: 24”x24”, 36”x36”, 48”x48”, and 48"x72"

Overlays: Choose one of our optional subtle measurement overlays to make your games seamless and clear to all players and observers. Blank mats are also available!