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Monday Terrain Corner

I just realized that I wear a blue shirt on Mondays.
I know you, and The Cure don't care, but I wanted to mention it anyway.

The other thing Monday has going for it is one of our Terrain Corner features we tend to have.

Want a kick-ass looking gaming table? These stories can help.

Today we have: Acheson Creations Releases Bridge of Sorrows and PaperTerrain Celebrates 10 Years in Business-with a Sale.

Acheson Creations Releases Bridge of Sorrows

Bridge of Sorrows

Acheson Creations is pleased to release its next Fantasy Worlds Kickstarter Releases – the Bridge of Sorrows. This is our last piece from of our Fantasy Worlds Kickstarter. It was made for 28mm scale but… at 19 inches (48 cm) long this can be used for other scales. Priced at $45 USD unpainted.

This 19-inch-long bridge is ideal for playing games that take place in the dark and enchanted forest or in Cthulhu’s domain of R’lyeh. Whether your character is heeding the Lovecraftian Call or is readying to encounter dark elves or trolls in a forbidden realm, the Bridge of Sorrows is an amazing sight to see! Just don’t lose your sanity while crossing it!

PaperTerrain Celebrates 10 Years in Business-with a Sale

Paper Terrain

Ten years ago I started a little company called PaperTerrain. The inspiration for this came when I was looking through some boxes of my old wargaming stuff and came across some paper houses made by a German company. They were beautiful and I thought that it was a shame that they didn’t come in scales most used by wargamers (as I recall they were N-Gauge or something similar). But then I thought: well, why don’t you make some that are? So I did! I created several sets of European houses in 15mm scale which would be just right for World War II gaming. Borrowing an idea I saw in an old book by Charles Grant, I also improved the houses by including a destroyed version which would fit right underneath the undamaged house. Much to my surprise, these sets sold well. Very well! So I started adding Russian houses and Italian houses and Middle Eastern houses and offering them in more scales, and now it’s ten years, and several thousand customers, later and PaperTerrain has grown beyond my wildest dreams. I can’t claim to be the biggest or even the best (there are some amazing models out there) supplier of paper models around. But I am, perhaps, one of the biggest and best supplier of paper models designed specifically for wargamers.

And the business is still growing! Coming soon will be a line of Central European houses which will be perfect for any conflict from the 30 Years War to World War II. I also plan to release a range of paper Napoleonic soldiers—and a whole lot more!

So to celebrate ten years I am having a sale! Customers will get 25% off all of my products from now until the end of August 2015. This is my way of saying thank you to all of my old customers who might need a few more things, and perhaps convince some new ones to give PaperTerrain a try!