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Monday Terrain Corner

So... it's Monday.
Maybe we shouldn't dwell on that, but, instead remember the games we all (hopefully) played on the weekend. Heck, my gaming started before I even left the office on Friday with a game of the Bloodborne Card Game. Then a game of Guild Ball on Saturday. Always wanting to get in more games of that. Plus, there's always looking forward to next weekend's games... and the terrain they'll be using. And with that, we go to the Terrain Corner.

Today we have: Anvil Eight Previews Rhommox Faction Pylon, ShipWorks 3d Printable Ship Terrain Up on Kickstarter, Operation Alpha: SciFi Gaming Mat Available from Pwork Wargame, and Return Of The Gaming Mat From Battlefront.

Anvil Eight Previews Rhommox Faction Pylon

While we may have finished showing off all of the Rhommox concept art, we still have the actual sculpts to reveal! Today we show off the Rhommox faction pylon. This piece captures the horrifying essence of what it is like to fight these creatures. Rhommox do not build their own pylons, but instead corrupt and infest pylons of other factions. Here we see an Axiom pylon slowly being corrupt by the Rhommox infestation.

As a bonus today, check out the concept art for the Mites! These little guys accompany the Macro avatar into the fight and even have their own data card!

ShipWorks 3d Printable Ship Terrain Up on Kickstarter

Shipworks is modular. What this means is that from the hull to the masts and everywhere in between- you have the freedom to design and print the sailing ship that you want. Not just another generic template, but your minds eye brought to life.

Operation Alpha: SciFi Gaming Mat Available from Pwork Wargame

Operation Alpha: SciFi Gaming Mat from Pwork Wargames!

Play your battles on a futurisitc military base, an ideal location for hard fighting between regular or improvised military squads!

Materials: PVC / Syntethic Cloth / Mousepad
Available size: 4x4' / 3x3'

Return Of The Gaming Mat From Battlefront

Last year we released our first Flames Of War double sided gaming mat. Customers with long memories will remember that we suffered from a number of issues outside our control including our manufacturing partner in China pulling a disappearing act, literally packing up their machines and moving without telling anyone.

Now we are ready to release a new version of the mat that incorporates a number of the improvements that customers suggested to us, ranging from some changes to the image on the mat through to how it was packed to avoid creases.

The new Gaming Mat is shipping right now from our new Factory in China so keep an eye on the website for more information as well as a chance to pre-order this fantastic product.