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MomentumVolsk Running Castle Assault Battle Card Game Kickstarter

MomentumVolsk is in their final days for Castle Assault on Kickstarter. The game is a battle card game for 1-2 players where you... well... assault a castle. Sometimes a game's name pretty well sums up what you do in the game. Anyway, the deck of cards you use is rather customizable, and as you progress through scenarios, your cards level up based on how well you did in the previous encounter. Deploy your units at the enemy ramparts and battle your way into the castle interior. Games are pretty quick, too, taking only about 30min.
The campaign is closing in on their funding goal, with 5 days left on the clock to make it there.

From the campaign:

Castle Assault is an intense Battle Card Game for 1 or 2 Players where You lead a strategic conquest of your Enemy's Castle Stronghold. Castle Assault includes many different Cultures, each with their own customizable deck, tactics, and lore for great re-playability.

The unique 1-Player Campaign progresses through numerous Scenarios with different victory conditions and as you complete Scenarios and mini-quests Your Hero levels-up and gets even more powerful! You customize your Heroes to the path You want them to follow.

Gameplay begins by summoning Units from your hand to your Castle Rampart to physically move across the Battlefield toward your opponent. Victory is through destruction of your opponents Castle as your Units execute tactics via their stats and abilities. Games are completed in 30 minutes or less and are "Fast, FUN, and easy to pick-up".