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Modiphus Releases Mutant Chronicles: Mishima Sourcebook

Modiphius continues along, with another sourcebook now available for Mutant Chronicles. The spiritual nature of the last release continues along, as we get a book look at Mishima, the most secretive of all the giant corporations that run... well... everything in the world. Based out of Mercury, there's plenty of intrigue to be found within the halls of the planet's underground cities.


The book covers all aspects of Mishima. From the people that make up the corporation's workforce (including such people as samurai... because every corporation needs samurai), to the areas the company controls (as in the actual land areas of Mercury out to Mars), you get an all-access look at what's going on. Will you dare take on the Triads and Shadow Walkers that the company employs? Will you uncover the secrets of Ki and use it to your own benefit? New character creation rules give you all sorts of new options as well.