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Modiphius Releases Whitestar Sourcebook for Mutant Chronicles

While every other megacorporation was busy getting the heck out of Dodge (and every other city on Earth... and just generally leaving the Earth, in fact), the Whitestar Federation stayed and thrived. When those same companies that fled came back in order to see what was left, they didn't find an empty planet like they were hoping. Instead, they found tunnels full of the Whitestar Federation, manned by people ready to defend it against any incursion, just like the Russians of old (considering the history of the Whitestar, it makes a lot of sense, that).


This new 96-page book covers every aspect of the Whitestar Federation. There's all sorts of history, including how it managed to keep going on while the Earth's surface was irradiated and eventually inhabited by all manner of horrific beasts. Then there's a look at the enigmatic Tsarina at the head of the Federation. There's expanded rules for various backgrounds and professions unique to the Whitestar. And, being Earth, there's all manner of ancient technology to scrounge through.