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Modiphius Releases The Far Havens Campaign For Mindjammer

As a DM, I can certainly appreciate the pre-made adventures for RPGs. I didn't have much time to work on my game that was supposed to run on Saturday. I'm actually a little thankful we didn't end up playing (we played various board games instead), as I'd not even had a chance to look over pre-made adventures. If you find yourself in a place like me and are playing Mindjammer, you'll be happy to know that Modiphius has released The Far Havens, a new campaign.

The Far Havens

Fire your planing engines beyond the Rim, above the galactic plane to the outer worlds, free from Commonality assimilation. There's a bounty out here on Event Horizon Probes, and the only synthetics are those who serve us.

My family is from the revered Wayfarers' Guild, with Voyager eugenics strong in our lineage. I do not hold to the Utopian rapture, for I have flown a Stargull across the Dragonfly Ruins on Balar, and believe that all our fates are to be found there.
Join us! Think free! Live true! We are the Far Havens. We stand together; we go beyond.

THE FAR HAVENS is a campaign pack supplement for your Mindjammer game, providing rich setting detail for an exotic polity far beyond the Commonality frontier, above the galactic plane, which fiercely resists the inexorable advance of the event horizon probes. Join the Licensed Free Agents and the New Traders: explore this perilous frontier, and fight the machinations of the Commodus sentience and the rise of ancient powers...

THE FAR HAVENS includes:

* A whole new Outer Worlds polity, beyond the Commonality Frontier;
* Dozens of new worlds to explore, complete with starmaps, planetary maps and statistics;
* Organisations, technology, ships, new genotypes and life forms;
* Mysteries, intrigue, and adversaries for your Mindjammer campaign!

THE FAR HAVENS is a complete campaign pack for Mindjammer-The Roleplaying Game. The Mindjammer-The Roleplaying Game core book is required for play.