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Modiphius Releases Ravage: Dungeons of Plunder Board Game

Most of the time, when I'm posting about Modiphius, it's about a new RPG book coming out. However, this is a bit different. Did you know that they make board games, too? Well, if not before, you know now. They have released Ravage: Dungeons of Plunder, a new fantasy dungeon-crawl board game that has competitive, cooperative, and solo modes of play.

From the website:

High up in the Blackroot Mountains lives a tribe of orcs. They are ultra-competitive with one another and the Chieftain promotes this in his warriors. They occasionally team up in an uneasy alliance to plunder nearby caverns and outposts.

Many times these raids are purely to plunder them for loot while ridding the nearby area of nasty monsters at the same time. Other times they are formed by the Chieftain to exterminate a specific target.

To keep the peace the Chieftain selects a warrior from each caste of the tribe. The Berserkers, the Shamans, the Headhunters and the Cultists.

In this exciting boardgame from Ian Schofield, you play one of the Blackroot orcs in this chosen raiding party taking on one of the roles in it.

Ravage Dungeons of Plunder: also contains three gameplay modes and styles of play:

Co-operative: Play through quests in this co-op mode.

Solo: One player against the dungeon. Try to survive...

Treachery: Versus mode, the first player to kill 6 heroes is the winner