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Modiphius Releases New Mindjammer Adventure

In the vastness of space, there are many truly beautiful worlds. One such world, simply called Blue, was home to a rather advanced alien civilization. However, these aliens were isolationists. They didn't talk to anyone, and would even deflect probes or obscure any sort of reconnaissance to the planet. As such, we've only had small glimpses of what's going on down there. Then, 600 years ago... the barriers dropped. Suddenly, we were able to see right down to the surface, and even land people on the planet! What we found, though, isn't what we were expecting. Worse yet, the inhabitants of Blue are coming back. Hopefully they won't mind that we landed... That's the story behind Blue, a new adventure for the Mindjammer RPG available now from Modiphius.


This new adventure has all you need to get going down on the planet. There's information about two alien worlds, Blue and its planetary twin where humanity's been hanging out before we were able to visit. New secrets of the Commonality will be revealed. There's plenty of intrigue, conspiracy, and mystery for many sessions of play.

You can get your copy now.