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Modiphius Releases Dark Eden Sourcebook For Mutant Chronicles

We're doing things to the Earth that aren't so great for our continued existence on this planet. However, we're not quite near where things have gone in Mutant Chronicles. There, the Earth has been pretty much abandoned. Note that "pretty much" doesn't mean "entirely." While most of the people that could make it off-world have done so, including the bases of the various Megacorporations (many of whom caused much of the issues). But Dark Eden, as the Earth is now known, still has lots of life on it. Now, you can incorporate them into your games with the Dark Eden Sourcebook, now available.


This book contains a globe-spanning Megabody Campaign that you can take your players on. There's detailed lists on who still inhabit the Earth, and all the ways they've been twisted and changed by a now-hostile environment. In specific, the flora and fauna have changed, and you get rules for those various things that will gladly chew you up if you get too close. You also get a global gazetteer, showing how the different iconic locations on the Earth have changed.

You can pick up your copy now.