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Modiphius Looking For Kung Fu Panda Playtesters

Gamers love to be the first ones to get their hands on games. When pre-orders come out, people will sign up. Kickstarter backers get really impatient if they're even the 2nd person to have their game ship. And so forth and so on. So how about getting to play a game before it's even been released? Well, Modiphius is giving you and your group that opportunity as they're looking for people to playtest their upcoming Kung Fu Panda board game.

In the game, players will work together as the legendary Furious Five as they attempt to keep the Valley of Peace safe from the likes of Tai Lung and other notorious villains. As your adventures go on, you'll acquire new kung fu knowledge, letting you execute stronger maneuvers. You'll also get help from Master Shifu in the form of legendary artifacts.

The game will be released next year at Gen Con and then to a wider audience in September (at least, as it's scheduled now), but you can get a chance to try it now and make sure everything runs smoothly.