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Modiphius Announces Kung Fu Panda Board Game

I'm just gonna say it: I love the Kung Fu Panda movies. I really do. I've yet to see the 3rd one (though I've heard good things), but plan on doing so once it comes out on video. Obviously, I also love gaming. So when I saw that Modiphius had announced a Kung Fu Panda board game, well, you know I stopped and took interest.


The game puts you in charge of Po or one of the Furious Five as you work together to keep the Valley of Peace well... peaceful. Tai Lung and other baddies have come to town and you need to show them the door (in probably the most-awesome fashion you can). As you defeat villains, you'll gain Kharma which will let you upgrade your kung fu abilities and even gain the use of legendary artifacts.

The game is launching at Gen Con, with general sales coming in September.