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Modiphius 3x funded already for Mutant Chronicles 3rd ed.

Modiphius has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new 3rd edition of Mutant Chronicles. And apparently people are interested, since it's already 3x funded with still 38 days to go on the campaign.


From the campaign:

We’re raising money to pay for stunning full colour, hard cover books for the settings and rule books starting with the rules and core setting book Mutant Chronicles: Dark Symmetry. We plan to deliver the core book PDF in July, and the print version in August. Backers will receive pre-print PDF's to assist with proof reading in June.

Modiphius plans re-design of the rules and a re-write of the setting guides and supplements to include brand new material alongside the existing storyline. You can expect the usual high quality production values that Modiphius is known for