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Modern Spearhead back in print

The Modern Spearhead rules are now back in print and available for purchase. From their announcement:
We are pleased to announce that Modern Spearhead is again back in print. Production is by On Military Matters who expect to have the first copies available for dispatch about the 01 July (2011). OMM will also be at the U.S. “HistoriCon” Convention for the 07-10 July (2011) and will have stocks available there. In coming months stocks should hopefully be available through other selected retailers such as Caliver Books in the UK. This new edition is effectively a facsimile copy of the 2000 original publication – and does not incorporate any errata. Unfortunately (for technical reasons) this was the only way to easily bring the publication back into print, and is largely thanks to the effort of Dennis Shorthouse at OMM. This reprint features the rule pack presented as a spiral bound book (rather than the hole punched loose-leaf original) which allow the rulebook to be laid flat; and it will have the facility for the Quick Reference Sheet (QRS) and Data Cards to be torn out to be used loose if desired. For further information on WW2 Spearhead, Great War Spearhead (GWSH), and Crossfire availability see the details on the Crossfire Website.