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Model Paint Storage Rack & Tray System from Battle Flag

Battle Flag has released a new paint storage system to help keep all your colorful goop separated and sorted.

From them to you:

Designed to hold 43 pots of Vallejo/Model Color size pots along with your brushes, files and scissors the new Paint Storage System Tray (P.S.S.T.) from Battle Flag offers unrivalled quality and functionality.
A place for everything and everything in its place” was the design remit we gave ourselves when we started this project. As figure painters and modellers ourselves we wanted something that would look great and have maximum function as well.

The paint pot is held securely while a large window allows instant recognition of the colour. A tiered design with staggered pot holders again ensures that the modeller has easy sight of the colours stored. We placed the brush holders on the upper tier at the back; that way there is no chance that you will damage a brush reaching for a pot of paint.

Two of the middle tiers have holes and slots that will hold files, scissors, tweezers etc. maximizing the practicality of the tray. Sturdy, attractive and easy to assemble; Battle Flags Paint Storage System allows the modeller to create a pleasant ergonomic environment in which to paint and assemble figures and models.

Available for three sizes of paint pot: Vallejo/Model Color (43 pots), Citadel/Tamiya (33 pots) and Foundry/Coat D’Arms/Humbrol (38 pots), for just £22.50 + 10% worldwide postage and packing. We believe that our system offers the superlative value and quality that wargamers and model makers the world over have come to expect from Battle Flag products.