Model Display Products Releases Tech/Starship Deck Bases

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Dec 5th, 2011

Model Display Products are pleased to announce the latest addition to their range of round (Sci-fi style) bases:

From their announcement:

With the release of 1 x 25mm set, 2 x 40mm sets and a 60mm round base with a tech/starship deck theme ideal for many of the popular skirmish and wargames on the market. Further details and prices can be found at

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  • Endre Fodstad

    Hey, TGN coverage works. I just bought a set of 25mm and a set of 40mm for Infinity 🙂

  • These look surprisingly a lot like bases I bought from another company (whose name eludes me) a few years back. Is everyone certain these aren’t recasts of bases from Dragonforge or Back2Base-x?

  • Endre Fodstad

    On the top of my head, they resemble both Micro Arts’ Tech Bases and Secret Weapons’ Iron Deck bases (both of which I already have – I want many different variants over the same theme).

  • War Griffon

    I can assure you these bases are not recasts of others work they were designed and mastered by myself for a customer.

    • I hope you didn’t take offense.. I’m simply asking a question that anyone who produces their own models should be happy that people are asking. It’s good to hear the creator of these bases chiming in though 🙂

  • Nope, not recasts of my products..

    Nice work..

    • War Griffon

      Thanks Jeff