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MOD.CO.N terrain from Warmill available for pre-order

Warmill is now taking names of those gamers who want their MOD.CO.N terrain (Modular Corridor Network) as soon as it's available. Be the first gamer on your block with these pieces when they're released.

From the announcement:

The MOD.CO.N system from Warmill Heavy Industries allows for the fast construction of a colony vessel that can be reconfigured to a ground-based installation on arrival at your new planet.
Reports that MOD.CO.N constructions are 345% more likely to be infested with zombies, aliens and failed scientific experiments are immediately surpressed by Warmill Heavy Industries' legal team to protect our investors' interests.

MOD.CO.N is lasercut from high-quality 3mm MDF, and is extremely flexible, featuring a range of corridor lengths and junctions, and a modular room construction method using corners, crosswalks and t-junctions to build rooms as large as the player needs by replacing pillars. We're also offering FREE worldwide shipping on a range of bundle deals.