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MK1881 is ready for some football

MK1881 launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund a new Dark Elf Fantasy Football team.
Note: Not all minis are safe for work.


From the campaign:

MK1881 Miniatures is the new miniature line from Maki Games, featuring high quality miniatures mainly suitable for fantasy football games and more. We offer innovative design and very high quality casts. MK1881 team is composed of many experienced artists all with several years of experience in their fields that range from design, to classic and 3D sculpting and painting. We work only with high quality casting facilities and use only top quality materials for our creations. All miniatures are made with lead free metal.

We already have all the 3D models necessary to print and put in production the team.

A lot of time was spent to make sure models had less separated parts as possible, and where this was not possible we are making sure that the junctions are done at art to ease assembly and increase the strength of them. As a player I hate when my nicely painted models looses his arm during a game, and as a modeler I hate to spend hours trying to figure out where a specific piece goes or attaches.