MJ12 release Grand Admiral

Grand AdmiralMajestic Twelve Games have released a new “print and play” historical boardgame, Grand Admiral.

From their announcement:
Majestic Twelve Games would like to announce the first release for our newest game system, Grand Admiral.

In the wake of the Great War, a new arms race loomed. The United States and Japan each trusted in a strong navy to achieve future security and retain political influence. Within three years of the Treaty of Versailles, no less than twenty-five new battleships and battlecruisers had been ordered by the two powers, exactly equal to the number already in commission at the end of the War.

The Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 was meant, among other things, to put an end to increased militarization in the Pacific; but by increasing Japanese resentment and playing into American fears, it could achieve no more than to delay the inevitable conflict. Had things gone differently, it might not have even done that much…

Grand Admiral: Flashpoint Orange includes the following:
• The Grand Admiral rulebook
• 150 full-color counters representing nearly all American and Japanese forces as of 1922
• Data cards for 150 individually named ships, representing over 50 different classes, from destroyers to super-dreadnoughts
• 16 action cards
• 17″ by 22″ game board

Grand Admiral is the collective name for Majestic Twelve Games’ series of large-scale board games simulating naval combat during the age of the battleship.

Emphasizing simple game mechanics and fast gameplay without sacrificing historical accuracy, each entry in the Grand Admiral line stands alone. However, the core game mechanics remain constant, allowing players to combine ships from different products to create new scenarios and explore any number of “what-if” situations.

Although designed as a hex–n-counter board game, Grand Admiral can be easily adapted to tabletop play using any scale of naval miniatures. So, raise the battle ensign, sound general quarters, and damn the torpedoes — your destiny awaits.

For more information, visit the Majestic Twelve Games web site at http://www.mj12games.com.