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Mix & Match 28mm Castle Towers available from Sally 4th

Sally 4th gives you the castle tower you want, the way you want them with their mix and match deal.


From the post:

A Thousand Splendid Towers
Every Castle that has ever been built is unique, an expression of its owners tastes and needs, so why should your model castle be any different? Sally 4th offers a unique pick and mix system to build your model castle just the way you want it.

Choose a set of common components, this includes the tower top, crenulations, floor and doors and then pick 4 wall sections to build exactly the tower that you need for your model castle.

Tower wall sections are available in a number of styles;

• Random Stone / Dressed Stone
• Arrow / Crossbow Slits
• Special Features (Garderobe / Balcony)
All Sally 4th 28mm Model Castle products are available either unpainted or in 5 painted finishes
• Granite
• Limestone
• Sandstone
• Slate
• Whitewash
Over the coming months we will be adding alternative tower tops with roofs and a variety of historical and fantasy inspired crenulations together with more wall options including later cross bow slots and handgun slots. If we do not have the exact piece that you want featured yet, please drop me an email and we will get the piece added.