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Mission: Red Planet Now Available From Fantasy Flight Games

I love classical music. I've had my classical music station playing on Pandora the past couple days. One of my favorites (besides the ol' Ludwig Van) is Gustav Holst. Of course, if you're talking Holst, you're more-than-likely talking the Planets and if you're talking the Planets, you're quite possibly talking about Mars, The Bringer of War. It's my favorite part of the Planets Suite (Jupiter being just behind). And while Mission: Red Planet might not be about war, per-se, it's certainly not about cooperation with your fellow man.

Mars Layout

In the game, players are in control of interplanetary mining companies. Mars has just become available to mine and you intend to get in their first and extract the new, extremely rare, and extremely valuable minerals. Send out your astronauts to stake claims in the richest areas all the while trying to cripple your opponent's capabilities.

This new edition of the game also has a new region to mine: the Martian moon Phobos. There's also new Action Cards that incorporate even more devious tricks into your playbook.

The game is available now from the Fantasy Flight webshop as well as your LGS.