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New updated for Galaxy Defenders Kickstarter

Ares Games updated their Kickstarter showing off some new stretch goals for their Galaxy Defenders expansion campaign.

Tritium NPC


From the update:

The final week of our Kickstarter is ahead and - as promised - this update unveils our stretch goals up to $ 300,000.

First of all, however, I want to thank you. Yes I know, I always end my updates with my thanks - and you well deserve it. This Kickstarter has been amazing - full of positivity, genuine enthusiasm, love for the game, support to our company.

The funding we got is important to the success of Galaxy Defenders, but the way you're embracing this game also shows that we can expect a long and bright future for this line. Reaching $ 300,000 was, at the start of the Kickstarter, a wild dream. Now, it's close to becoming a reality.

Enough blathering, let's see the rewards that will unlock if we indeed achieve this level of success.