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Mischief Media Card Game Coming To Kickstarter

I certainly hope that you find TGN a reputable news source. I do my best to not post rumors and only give you stories that I can back up with a source. However, with news, that's not always the case. Some places are better sources than others, and who you trust can change over time. That's what's going on in Mischief Media, a new card game coming to Kickstarter next month.

About the game:

Philos Games has provided an opportunity for gamers to play a game that truly captures the deception of politics! Mischief Media - The Game of Fake News, is a new political, social deduction, tabletop game coming to Kickstarter this November 6! This game gives players the opportunity to call out the Fake News of their opponents, fight for viewership, maintain credibility, destroy the credibility of others, all the while pushing their own hidden agenda!

In the world of politics and journalism where even facts are not agreed upon, opportunity awaits. You are a wealthy “Philanthropist” who sees this as an opportunity to push your agenda. Whether you act for the good of the people or for your own benefit is up to you, but the path of pushing your agenda is the same. Bluff, deduce, and call out all the Fake News you see until you are the only “credible” source left standing.