Minotaurs and Satyrs from Crocodile

Crocodile Games have released new Minotaur and Satyr figures.


From their website:

Just in time for this year’s World Campaign, we have Satyrs & Minotaurs for WarGods of Olympus.

The Minotaurs were sculpted by Benoit Cosse and the Satyrs were sculpted by Ben Siens. The rules for both will be available for free in next month’s issue of Croc Tales., around the first week of June.

This month’s release includes:

  • WGO-112 Satyr Hero $8.95
  • WGO-304 Satyr Archer Unit $35.95
  • WGO-706 Minotaur with Axe $24.95
  • WGO-707 Minotaur with Flail $24.95

These are all now available in the Croc Online Store.

As for retail stores, the new minis are shipping next week to our Distributors, and should be shipping to stores in a couple weeks — if you normally get your minis from your local store, be sure to have them put a pre-order in for you soon. If your local doesn’t carry them, please request them. They’ll be available to stores in the USA through Alliance and WarPath Games.