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MiniWorlds, a New Italian Terrain-Making Company

MiniWorlds, a New Italian Terrain-Making Company

MiniWorlds is a new Italian terrain-making company. Their first sets are designed to create rooms and buildings for RPGs and skirmish minis gaming. Go check out their modular pieces as well as accessory kits.


From them to you:

The MiniWorlds web store is started in 2014 by Giuseppe, an all-italian, single-member initiative uniting its founder’s experience in gaming props and models and various collaborators and artists’s expertise.
The Miniworlds line is aims to grow with its maker’s passion for gaming props and search for new ideas and upgrades to previous models.
MiniWorlds also finds new solutions for the modelist who wants to build his gaming table with ease.
All of our ideas are personally tested before sale to reach the high standards of quality that our hobby deserves.
Passion, courage, care and tenacity are the key ingrediend of our MiniWorlds line, a tiny enterprise always looking to the future of creative gaming.

Thanks by Giuseppe from Italy!