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Miniwojna reviews 5th issue of September 1939 magazine

Miniwojna has another review up. This one's for the 5th issue of the September 1939 magazine series.


From the review:

Main subject of the fifth issue of the "September 1939" collection is the most numerous combat vehicle of the Polish pre-war army - light recon tank TK-3. The box with the model inside is attached to twelve pages long magazine (in Polish). Inside the magazine there are usual articles - short one about one of the battles which were fought in Poland in September '39 (in this issue battle of 7th ID at Cz?stochowa against two corps of German 10th Army), much longer one describing history and construction of TK-3 and painting guide with multiple color views of the tank (using Vallejo paints). Last article describes summary of fights of TK-3 armed units during September campaign.